Winning Ways Encouraging our Apartment

It was a good week for the residents of Apartment #302, Nestcon Gayathri in the Panchavati Colony of Hyderabad, at least as far as sports are concerned.

(The residents, by the way, are my roommate Sid and yours truly.)

Sid, a native of Chennai (nee Madras), was rooting hard for his hometown cricket team, the Super Kings, as they played in the Champions League 20-20 tournament. After a few weeks of matches, the Super Kings were ultimately victorious, winning over a South African squad.

On my front, the Philadelphia Phillies this week wrapped up their 4th consecutive National League East title in Major League Baseball; they’ll enter the playoffs on a significant winning streak, with the best record in the league and with the opportunity to prepare their pitchers for short series work.

Not bad for the guys in Apartment 302.


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One Response to Winning Ways Encouraging our Apartment

  1. Minna Katz says:

    good for a laugh this morning,as I read that one!!
    Too bad the Red Sox are not in the mix this year!!

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