Quote of the Day: Slumdogs vs. Millionaires

My friend Farzad had this quote on his g-chat the other day, as I sat in the back of an air-conditioned taxi from the gleaming Hyderabad airport to my beautiful, spacious apartment:

“India is not really about ‘Slumdog Millionaire.’ It’s about slumdogs versus millionaires”

Punch in the gut – it’s true, and it’s way more in your face here than it is in, say, New York. Just part of life here, as many have said. (I.e., I’m not the first to make the observation.)

Here’s the full context: P. Sainath, an Indian journalist who often writes about India’s growing economic divide, said he was not surprised by the government’s actions. “All this captures the elite of India very well,” he said, referring to the government’s proud recitations of its booming economic growth and increasing consumer culture. “India is not really about ‘Slumdog Millionaire.’ It’s about slumdogs versus millionaires, and that’s what you’re seeing in Delhi now.”

Not much more to add for the time being, but I am thinking about it and will keep coming back to this in the coming weeks.


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2 Responses to Quote of the Day: Slumdogs vs. Millionaires

  1. Minna Katz says:

    What Grandpa and I find interesting are the number of articles,on a daily basis,with the headline”India”.
    Articles about the technology issues there,the MANY troubles with the Commonwealth Games about to begin-on,and on,and on!!.
    I guess,because you are there,we tend to notice them more.
    But hard to ignore a picture of a stadium,awash in water and scaffolding,and supposed to have been ready months ago!!.
    Also,a comment,you might have heard,about someone there,who said the hygienic standards are different there,and the West is too picky!!
    Oh well,keep those blogs coming!!
    Rain,needed rain,today.

  2. Judith Katz says:

    Hi Rob,
    Your blog made me think about China, and the widening gulf there between rich and poor. I have been thinking since we returned from China that India must be easier than China in alot of perspectives. U Grant says that our neighbor Arthur Segal has stated that he feels more comfortable investing in India because he will get return on the investment. Certainly there is less of a language issue in India. Anyway, these are random thoughts which we should discuss over a beer or glass of wine….

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