India Insights: Transport Woes to Transport Whoas

Remember the autorickshaw paradox?

Well, I decided to turn my transport woes into my transport whoa’s: I bought a moped.

I bought it secondhand, with help from my roommate (whose Hindi/Telegu language skills PLUS his knowledge of two wheeler mechanics were invaluable). And I’ve been teaching myself to ride it over the past few weeks. So far, so good. It’s empowering to have my own transport, and it’s frankly thrilling to navigate the insane traffic.

Yes, I’m safe and yes I’m wearing a helmet all the time. To be honest, I’m really glad I got the thing.

Next step – taking a photo of me WITH the bike, which I’ll post here as soon as that happens.


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5 Responses to India Insights: Transport Woes to Transport Whoas

  1. Mom says:

    A (small) chip off the old K-Whopper! Perhaps wheels are really in our genes (Kutscher = Coachman)! Looks VERY cool and fun! Be safe, have a blast…xxxooomom

  2. Minna Katz says:

    it’s not enough to see you WITH the bike-we need to see you ON the bike!!
    We would prefer seeing you with full body armor!!
    Love, Grandma and Pa

  3. Dad says:

    Like in “The Graduate”, I have one word for you – HELMET!

  4. Aunt Martha says:

    I doubt that you’d need a leather jacket, etc., in the city, but you might want to consider something like that if you drive in the country. I know of a couple of people who avoided serious injury because they had leather clothing! But perhaps I am being a bit over-protective for an aunt! LOL!

  5. Peter says:

    AM suggested leather, let me add chain[s] to complete your scooter outfitting.

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