India News Roundup: Razors and Venture Capital

Thanks to my uncle Peter and my mom for sending across a couple of work-relevant articles in the past few days. Here’s a quick run down:

The Wall Street Journal reports that Gillette has introduced a new, 34-cent razor (15 rupees) with 11-cent (5-rupee) blades targeting the Indian market. The new Gillette Guard has a single blade, a light handle and a sticker price that will make it accessible to just about anyone who shaves in India.

It’s a pretty stunning counterweight to the uber-expensive Mach 3 razors I’ve been using in the United States, which cost $22.99 for an 8-pack of blades (not to mention $9.99 for the razor).

I haven’t decided to switch, but I might pick up a Guard at the local kirana store just to see what it’s like. Nice catch, UP!

Next comes news, as reported by Vikas Bajaj in the New York Times, that Vinod Khosla will launch a new fund targeting the “bottom of the pyramid” in India. Why is this interesting:

1. Vinod Khosla is one of the more successful venture capitalists in the past 20 years. Having him come into the BoP sector can only be a good thing.
2. Khosla is using the profits he’s made from his investment in SKS Microfinance, which recently went public, to fund the fund. Talk about recycling capital. It’s great to see the SKS profits get poured back into the social sector, and through market-based approaches.

Thanks to mom for sending that one across…big news.


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3 Responses to India News Roundup: Razors and Venture Capital

  1. Minna Katz says:

    The article has been cut out,and already mailed out to you.
    Guess I don’t have to do that,when others are reading the news on the internet.
    Not for me,however!!

  2. Mom says:

    IMHO, no need to despair, G’ma. Rob loves receiving your clippings! It’s not about the “scoop.” He knows you’re thinking about him and supporting his work – you gotta keep those clippings coming until there’s no more newsprint to cut! xxookk

  3. Rob says:

    Actually, I just got a couple clippings in the mail yesterday. Thanks Grandma!!

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