More reflections on a trip back to the US

Bullet point list because that’s all I can manage this morning.

– You have to be patient to get things done in India, and you have to be engaged. It’s not uncommon to have to check back in on a basic request 2-3 times to make sure it gets done. Here, if someone says they’ll do it, that probably means they’ll do it. Then again, since I don’t speak fluent Hindi, maybe I’m just not making myself understood as well as I think I am in India. TBD I guess.

– I’ve seen 2 motorcycles in 2 weeks on the American roads. Not the case in India, where 2 and 3 wheelers outnumber cars at least 3 to 1.

– It’s easy to forget how important drinking is to socializing in the US. People meet for drinks. You can easily have a beer or two, or a glass of wine or two, a day – if you’re meeting up with people. Naturally, on a short visit, I am meeting up with people a lot. I love being able to have a drink, especially since I miss decent beer (see last post), but I realize that (1) I am now a lightweight and (2) I’ve probably lost 5-7 pounds just by not drinking regularly in India.

– I miss the friendliness of India. People are more protective of their private lives, personal space, etc. here in America and that’s fine – sometimes, I want to be anonymous. But I also like the strangers who smile, the kids who laugh and wave, and even the regular folks – the watchman at our building, the chai wallah – who are part of my daily rhythm in Mumbai – and I miss that.

– Everything works here. Good, true. But also leaves no opportunity for the triumphant feeling after you’ve accomplished something mundane in India, like getting your sink fixed or having curtains made and installed.

Super quick list
– Italian food – going to Malatesta tonight, can’t wait
– Bagels
– Pain au chocolat
– Coffee, with half and half (worth mentioning twice)
– Hot showers without geezers
– Arugula / rocket
– Netflix
– HD TV and baseball on all the time

That’s all for now…


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One Response to More reflections on a trip back to the US

  1. Bryan Farris says:

    WOW…can’t tell you how much this entire post resonates with me.

    Ditto, ditto, ditto. And I want a bagel. With cream cheese. Okay thanks.

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