Gone to Goa

Stephanie and I realized, rather late in the game, that we both had a 3-day weekend for Easter. I’d just gotten back from the US; Steph was just in Amritsar, Himachal Pradesh and Delhi for 2 weeks. So a big vacation wasn’t in the cards.

But then an email came in from the Mumbai Ultimate list serve. In short, “we’re scoping the idea of having a tournament in Goa. Anyone want to come along?”

And 2 days later, there we were, standing on the Central Railways platform – along with what seemed like the rest of Bombay – ready to board the 11:15 PM Konkan Kanya Express to Goa. With 11 friends from the ultimate crew, we squeezed into our berths and fell asleep as long as we could. I woke up as Zack reached up from the lowest bunk and poked me awake with one hand, holding a chai for me in the other. To me, there’s no better way to wake up – points to Zack on that.

We got to Goa, and headed right to Nashville. No, not Tennessee. Our friend Nash’s folks have a place in Goa, which they’ve christened Nashville:

A family of designers, they’d taken a 70 year old house and built onto it, adding lots of mosaics, paintings, open air sleeping and a sprawling garden full of idiosyncratic ceramics, sculpture, wall art, plants and more. A fantastic home base from which we could explore the unique Goan countryside and beaches.

No trip to the beach would be complete without mopeds, and we went quickly down to Calangute to rent 7 moderately beat-up Honda scooters. Our own little Hell’s Angels…minus the hells. We careened over the hills, through the rice fields and the pastures and were en route to the beach.

And the beach was beautiful. Long stretches of clean sand, warm Arabian Sea waters, beautiful sunsets and enough room for disc. There was a game of hotbox on day 1, and a full on game on day 2. Not much ultimate on the 3rd day, but we certainly had our fill of delicious Goan food at the awesome beach shacks and mini-resorts that line every beach. Not to mention plenty of King’s, feni and bebinca!

Sadly, on Sunday we found ourselves back on the train platform, waiting for the overnight to take us back to Bombay. We made up for the fact that we were leaving paradise by gorging on fresh train biriyani, playing a spirited game of charades and probably keeping all of our fellow passengers awake longer than they wished…oops.

Good times, all. Full set of Flickr photos is here.


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2 Responses to Gone to Goa

  1. benje williams says:

    Good times bro!

  2. Dad says:

    Hair everywhere, ‘cept yer head! How about a clover again? TEE HEE!

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