The things people do for (or to?) their dogs

So 2 weekends back, my friend Ross Baird came to visit. Ross has lived and worked in India before, and was in town for the Sankalp Social Enterprise conference. It was a Saturday afternoon, so we got street sandwiches and spent 2 or 3 hours talking shop. Or, as Stephanie called it, “geeking out about social enterprise.” Guilty as charged, Steph. 🙂

Anyway, as the day cooled down, we got out of the house and went down to Carter Road for a walk along the Arabian Sea. It seems the rest of the neighborhood had the same idea – the promenade was packed. So we walked, along, and stopped to take a few snaps:

Ross + Rob

Ross + Stephanie

And then, we got to the dog run.

There was a big group of people, and a big group of dogs. With birthday hats on. No, not the people. The dogs. That’s right, a doggie birthday party. With doggie hats and doggie cake cake. It’s amazing the things people will do for their dogs.

Kinda cute, kinda creepy. But here’s a photo to prove it!


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One Response to The things people do for (or to?) their dogs

  1. Minna Katz says:

    Believe it or not,there was an episode of “Barefoot Contessa” from a few years ago,where she and her friends had a cookout and birthday party for the dogs,sans hats,but a BIG sheet cake,all decorated with doggie figures!!
    So,even in America!!
    Off to David’s graduation weekend-keep those blogs coming!!

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