Got back to the States yesterday morning. A few random nuggets / observations.

1. Dogs have it GOOD in America. In Mumbai, there are so many strays. They’re generally friendly, and usually reasonably well fed. That said, since I’ve been back I’ve been hanging out with a couple of dogs and man, they have it good here. Love, a place to sleep, lots of food and water, vaccinations, and no wild rickshaws running them off the road.

2. Background noise…i.e., there’s not nearly as much out here. Dear Suburban American Resident: Are you complaining about your neighbor who mows the grass at 7:00 PM, disturbing your dinner? Or what about those obnoxious kids from next door, playing outside while you try to read the paper? Ha. No sympathy from this guy, no way. Lawn mowers, kids and other background noise pales in comparison to the dull roar that is life in urban India. There is ALWAYS noise…car horns, music, people, bus horns, dogs, chickens, rickshaw horns. America is damn quiet.

3. Dunkin Donuts. Dear Dunkin Donuts, please come to India and when you do, bring coffee. With cream. That is all. Thank you, Rob. PS – don’t forget the Munchkins.


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5 Responses to America!

  1. Veronica says:

    Reverse culture shock is a very real thing! When I came back from Nicaragua, I have a vivid recollection of sitting and watching the street cleaners drive down my street. I had completely forgotten about the complex system we have in the US to collect our refuse. Track trucks, recycling trucks, street cleaners, etc that all run on a strict schedule to insure the entire city receives services on a weekly basis. On top of that, parking enforcement, to issue tickets if you forget to move your car during the two-hour street cleaning window. In Nicaragua, much like in India I presume, the landfill is actually a ghetto and people just burn trash on the sidewalk. It really boggled my brain and was just a little microcosm of something much bigger.

  2. Jan Brinch says:

    Love your post, Rob! Glad you and Stephanie made it safely back to the States and are now happily ensconced at the beach – it must be just lovely to lie in the sand quietly! Your comment about DD is so funny – even more so since almost all of the DDs here in America are now owned and/or operated by Indians. They’ve been successful at that business here, they could undoubtedly create a similar business model in India. Anyway, enjoy enjoy and we’ll see you soon!

  3. Minna Katz says:

    We ARE spoiled here!!
    It is only when we go away for any length of time,to another country,that we can make comparisons.
    And when we do,America looks pretty damned good!!
    Keep enjoying all that coffee,and those Munchkins!!
    See you and Steph soon!!

  4. Judy says:

    Loved this!!!

  5. Nikhil says:

    Hey Rob. Stephs friend showed up the other day at practice.. I think she is going to get a medal for being the most regular player.. she looked around for Steph and then pushed off…looks healthy and happy in case u guys were worried.

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