America (2)!

Been back in the US for a little while now. Great to see friends and family, to work out of the AF New York office, to eat familiar foods and see familiar places.

It was surreal to be away during last week’s bombing attacks in Mumbai. I have to admit I cried a little when I read the reports, and thought of my friends and co-workers living there. Luckily, no one I know directly or indirectly was hurt, but too many people were. There must be a general feeling of insecurity throughout the city, which makes me sad. On e-mail lists and chains, friends rose to the city’s defense, while others lambasted the Indian government for not doing more to prevent future attacks. It was a weird week, to be sure.

And without further ado, a few more America observations while I have your attention:

1. Central air conditioning now seems decadent. Why do we have to waste so much energy keeping homes and hotel rooms and office buildings at 68 degrees? I’ve been in all of the above in the past week and even though it’s warm here, I’m cold all the time. There are rooms with no one in them that are getting cooled down for no reason, and there are more than a handful of people wearing sweaters to keep warm in July. Yeah, I’ll be the holier-than-thou guy and say it: it just doesn’t feel right. Be grateful for the grid electricity – such blatant power-suckage simply wouldn’t be possible in most other places, I’d think (except Dubai, etc).

2. Ironic moment: We stopped at a liquor store to buy beer. The owner is a vegetarian Gujarati who (as may be expected from someone hailing from Gujarat) doesn’t drink. I think that’s pretty funny. And the poor guy says he’s started eating non-veg since moving to America because “salads all the time cannot be considered a meal”

3. Taylor Ham is pretty amazing, but I can only eat about half a Taylor Ham sandwich. For shame, Rob, for shame.

4. Baltimore needs late-night food options in the Fells Point area. Attention, Baltimore based entrepreneurs: start a late night street cart biz in Fells, you’ll be printing money!

5. Observed, non-scientific data: average time between placing your order and receiving your food at a restaurant:
– India – 30 minutes
– America – 15 minutes
Is that because the food is fresher, more complicated to cook, or what? Are the American restaurants more prepped?

6. There are so many amazing green grass fields here. India ultimate players, you must come to America, there are so many grounds you won’t know what to do with yourselves! American ultimate players, quit being so picky about fields…you don’t know how good you have it.


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One Response to America (2)!

  1. Abhinav says:

    love comment six!! That was one of my first observations during my travels as well…:)

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