A Year Ago Today

A year ago today…

…the Dow Jones Industrial Average was actually lower than it is today.
…few people outside of Minnesota had heard of Michelle Bachmann
…nor was Anna Hazare a household name in India
…I had never experienced the joy of pav bhaji
…I thought DC traffic was bad. Boy was I wrong.
…I had never played more than a few games of beach ultimate
…I didn’t know how to make chai other than by pouring water and milk over that gross powder from a purple bag. Yucko. Thankfully, that’s changed.
…I couldn’t speak a word of Hindi.
…I had never tasted a custard apple.
…And so much more.

My, how things change. India, you’ve been good to me…pushing and pulling me, sometimes frustrating me, often bemusing me but always making me think.

Happy 1 Year Anniversary, India!

(And coincidentally, happy birthday – since August 15 is Indian Independence Day!)


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4 Responses to A Year Ago Today

  1. Minna Katz says:

    who is Anna Hazare??

  2. Dad says:

    Here is info about Anna Hazare:

  3. Byron G. says:

    Hey, you missed one … a year ago today you didn’t have your wonderful sister-in-law!!

    • Rob says:

      Byron, you are – as always – spot on. I DID have Veronica in my life, but not as a sister-in-law. Congrats to Dan and Vero 🙂

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