House guests

I’ve had a lot of house guests since I got back to Bombay (less than a week ago). Guess I’m not one to settle back in gradually…

Vanessa, Jordan and Ben have all crashed the guest room and couch in recent days. Bryan and Chris have just been hanging out. Click on these links…I’m lucky to know such interesting people.

If there’s any downside, it’s that I haven’t been getting as much done as I want to, or sleeping enough. Or is that a downside? Instead of spending time on my to-do list, I’ve been having late night, early morning and mid-afternoon conversations, debates and brainstorms.

Vanessa, an actress from Ontario, saw India through a uniquely artistic lens.

Jordan is back in India for his second extended trip here. He’s just completed a 275-day contiguous walk from Vancouver to San Diego. Another artist, and another set of perspectives on life, love, ambition, motivation and purpose.

Ben is about to leave India, having lived for the last 3 years in Mumbai but now staying in Delhi (which is why he needed a couch for a few days). After Delhi, he’ll be traveling and spending time with community development organizations. I’ll miss him – from the ultimate field to the seder table, he’s been a friend and co-conspirator.

Bryan and Chris – the Rising Pyramid guys – are on a long trip en route to a friend’s wedding in Uttar Pradesh. Bryan just wrapped up a year in Lahore as an Acumen Fund Fellow; Chris works for PwC. It’s great to talk a little work without devolving into too much detail with them.

Hard to capture a week’s worth of conversations, jokes, observations, debates in a sensible way. I’m glad I have the space to host people. Turning my apartment into a salon – glad I have plenty of coffee and tea – has been a really pleasant surprise. I hope people will keep swinging through in the coming weeks and months.


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2 Responses to House guests

  1. Minna Katz says:

    That is really having an open door,Rob!!
    You come from an always welcoming family,so it’s nice to see you are continuing the custom!!
    We are well,starting another week,and thinking about the year that is coming to a close.
    A good year,on many levels,for all of us!!
    Have a good week yourself!!
    Love you!!

  2. Dad says:

    Glad to know you’re busy and happy. Hope the to do list get’s “to done” before your next excursion at the end of the month!

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