It’s about time – Obama’s speech on income inequality and sensible tax policy

Woke up today and read about President Obama’s speech in Kansas.

I’m convinced the whole Occupy movement has been successful at one thing and one thing only – getting the term “income inequality” back on the national agenda. Thanks to all the folks sleeping in parks and whatnot, we’re talking about the core American ideals again. Oh, and memo to the unwashed, park-sleeping masses: unless you have something else to accomplish, some specific action you think you’re going to get by continuing your protest, then time to pack up and go home. Thank you very much.

So…onto Kansas. I took a few minutes after lunch to read the text of the speech. It’s a good one – recommended reading. If I had to sum it up:

1. We are a more and more unequal country, and that’s not good for anyone; and
2. We have to stop kidding ourselves when it comes to tax and economic policy – you cannot have your cake and eat it, too.

Will a platform like this get Obama re-elected in the midst of a recession and with unemployment at nearly 9 percent? Who knows, I’m not playing pundit. But kudos to him and his advisers for finally standing up and talking about these issues.

Read the speech – good stuff in there on education, innovation, shared sacrifice and the amorality of inequality.


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