Happily Abandoning – Off to Thailand

I’m heading out to Thailand tonight, for a brief vacation and a visit with the Happily Abandoned, aka Jenny and Ryan Levinson. This is the three of us from their wedding back in 2008.

Jenny and Ryan are friends from my days at the World Resources Institute, where they first met. We went to shows together (The Bridge, White Stripes, All Good Fest), played company softball (we lost a lot) and I even took their apartment when they left for San Francisco in 2007. 2828 Connecticut Ave forever…

It’s been a while, and we’ve always met up whenever they’re east (or I’m west) but since they’re close by, and I have the time, it’s off to Chiang Mai for the weekend. We’ll be hanging out with elephants, visiting the school that Jenny’s been volunteering in, going for hikes, maybe renting mopeds for an epic exploration session and definitely eating our fill of Thai food (and getting foot massages).

Be sure to check out their blog and photos to see what they’ve been up to so far – I’m excited to visit them, and even more excited to host them when they come to India in January.

I’ll try to throw up a few blog posts while I’m away – otherwise, stay tuned for post-trip photos (and a backlog of images from August through December…including Portland, Mumbai, Delhi, New York and more…)


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One Response to Happily Abandoning – Off to Thailand

  1. Mom says:

    What an incredible experience Ryan and Jenny are having! So glad you are able to join them in SE Asia. Can’t wait to hear more about your experiences, sights, tastes, etc… (Still cracks me up that the progeny of Kutscher & Levinson, who sat next to one another in Mrs. Roberts’ 6th grade classroom at Ft. Garrison Elementary, are traveling in Thailand together 40+ years later!) xxxooomom

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